Things You Need to Keep in Mind if You Want to Get Text from Pic

Every PC user at least once faced a need to obtain textual information from pictures. When working in programs for typing, sometimes, you have to reprint text that is in a raster or vector image. This long process can be shortened if you know how to get text out of a picture. Since working with text recognition from the image requires a high-quality source code, you need to initially find an image with high resolution. This will speed up the data processing process itself, as well as reduce the total amount of errors.

What Tools Can Help You to Recognize Text on Image Quickly?

If there is a lot of text, it is better to use specialized web services if you need to convert picture to text. They are nothing more than text recognition programs that have been output to the Internet. The “smartest” of them limit the free functionality - like, for example, the very same ABBYY FineReader Online, which allows you to recognize only 10 free pages per month. But for every such service there are several absolutely free analogues that allow you to recognize as many pages as you want.

The only thing that should be remembered when using similar services (as well as the applications from the previous paragraph, however) is that if its owner does not belong to the list of trustworthy companies, you should not entrust the service to convert confidential documents if you are not sure that it is a reputable site you can trust.

What to do if the text is handwritten? Simple online recognizers do not know how to read it. Applications are trying (in particular, MS Office Lens), but they cannot boast of special success. This job requires tricky algorithms based on artificial intelligence and self-learning. Researchers periodically report successes but they will not reach the product stage. Therefore, if you have handwritten text that needs to be converted into a digital form, you will have to use a full-fledged software package, like the familiar ABBYY FineReader. And even here, you will first need to make a training program, showing her how the author of this text writes individual letters.

Unfortunately, even after this the recognition quality is not guaranteed. If the text is written with a solid hand, and even the letters are separated, then it can happen. In other cases, the most likely recognizer will make so many mistakes that you get tired of correcting them. Therefore, if your text is written in an unclear manner, it will be easier and faster to reprint it on your own. Computers are not smart enough for such a task.