Tantra massage and healing of female anorgasmia. How this procedure can bring pleasure back into your intimate life

What is truly brilliant about a tantra massage experience is how incredibly sexually liberating it can be. It is a powerful healing tool in more ways than one, but using is at a cure to anorgasmia? That might be a new one for many of you, though perhaps not for those already acquainted with its full potential. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about!

Tantra massage can get very erotic, we all know that very well

Though it’s not the only aspect of it, the tantra massage features a great degree of erotic stimulation. Indeed, the lingam and yoni, meaning the penis and the vagina, are viewed as symbolically sacred and deserving of worship in the tantric tradition. This, coupled with the supportive techniques of deep breathing and meditation, can greatly contribute to the removal of some psychological blocks that prevent a woman from fully orgasming.

Female anorgasmia – what is tantra up against?

In short, anorgasmia, sometimes also known as orgasm inhibition, is the inability of experiencing orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse or masturbation. It does not necessarily have to correlate with the lack of sexual desire, which is a different thing, albeit also quite common for a lot of women. With anorgasmia, sexual desire may stay put, yet the actual pleasure is out of reach, making it all that much more frustrating!

There are various types of anorgasmia, which can be summed up into these categories:

  • Primary, meaning the woman was never able to experience orgasm
  • Secondary, in which the woman used to be able to reach orgasm, but has since then lost this ability.
  • Situational anorgasmia, in which the woman can achieve an orgasm only under certain circumstances, in certain situations or with certain people, but not in any other case.

What causes this condition in women?

There can be many reasons for why anorgasmia develops, and actually, very few of them are physiological or organic. According to some studies, the number can be as low as 5 %. Anorgasmia can frequently occur together with cerebellar ataxia, for example . The rest of the cases is psychological, resulting from culture in which the woman has been brought up, sexual trauma, relationship problems, stressful lifestyle etc. Some medication may also be the cause of weak to no orgasms.

Ok, so what does tantra do to remedy this condition?

Well, by taking baby steps. Of course, you can’t expect the first tantric session to magically solve everything. But gradually, it might prove to be a powerful weapon in your fight to re-attain pleasure.

If the woman is not ready for direct stimulation yet, her first tantric sessions may concentrate simply on meditation and correct breathing, or on muscle massage, and omit the “yoni” stage at first. The goal is to build sensual self-awareness in the client, teach her to access her emotion, get her to know her body and lay aside the shame or trepidation that she learned to associate with sexuality.

Gradually, when she is ready, she may be treated to a vagina massage, which, when professionally delivered, may further work to unblocking her insecurities, and eventually, attaining pleasure.

Remember though – Rome was not built in a day, and it may take repeated tantric sessions for you to finally achieve your orgasm. But you’ll get there eventually – the probability is very high!

Have you ever experienced anorgasmia or another drop in sexual pleasure yourselves? Do you think tantra could be a viable solution, or would you propose a different method? Let us know in the comments!